Things to Do in Raleigh: Marbles Kids Museum

Launched in 2007, the Marbles Kids Museum sits in the heart of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. The museum invites families of all backgrounds to come and explore its playful, engaging exhibits, or attend one of its many events. Marbles is one of the best places to go for family activities in Raleigh. Even if you’ve been before, your kids are sure to discover something new each time you visit.


Marbles has two floors and an outdoor space full of fun activities for kids. In a kid-sized model of Raleigh, the Around Town exhibit lets children explore how communities work and play together. Children can also learn about nature and greenhouses in the Seedlings room, or head outside to the real kids’ garden to see a giant flower, powered by the sun. While they’re outside, kids can make music in the TreeTunes section, while learning all about harmony in nature.

Raleigh NC Marbles Kids Museum

Once you’re done playing on the first floor of the museum, you can take the StepNotes stairs up to the second floor, all while creating new tunes on the stairway’s colorful piano. At the second-floor exhibits, kids can let their imaginations run wild. They can create a masterpiece at the Art Loft, tinker with tools, textiles, and race cars at the IdeaWorks, or respond to power outages at the Kid Grid.

The exhibits at Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh are packed with fun, designed to let your kids play and discover at the same time.

Marbles IMAX

Marbles also has an IMAX theater, where it screens kid-friendly documentaries. All shown in 3D, the immersive films cover nature and history. From the harrowing journey of Lewis and Clark to a voyage into space, your kids are sure to be on the edge of their seats. The IMAX theater is also open for events like birthday parties, as well as school field trips. You can see showtimes and buy tickets on the Marbles IMAX website.


The Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh hosts many community engagement events for kids and their families. One such program is the Marbles Family Science Club, where third-graders and their families participate in monthly science events. Marbles also regularly hosts a Family Fun Night after hours, for kids with disabilities and their families to explore the museum in a calmer environment.

In addition to special events, Marbles hosts several camps. Summer camps, First Friday Kids Camp, and overnight Camp-Ins are some of the award-winning activities the museum hosts for children. Marbles doesn’t only offer resources for Raleigh’s kids, though. They have parenting workshops and educator resources as well. Parents can learn how to use play to stimulate their child’s development, while teachers can attend the museum’s educator events to see how to incorporate productive and engaging learning methods into their curriculum.

The Marbles Kids Museum is truly committed to promoting play in intellectual development and emotional well-being. It’s the best place in Raleigh to take curious kids who are ready to learn something new!